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Righteously Belligerent Since 1981

Righteously Belligerent
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Welcome to Polibock. Have some information.

[History] This community was created as a forum for the political commentary that was taking over my private journal. The name derives from "poli," short for "political" and "bock," a German beer that, by law, must kick your ass, because I often need a stiff drink after reading the news. This will be a blog about any and all topics affecting the community, the country, or the world. Maybe even other worlds, if a particularly salient story comes out of, say, Venus. It will be argumentative, opinionated, possibly inflammatory and definitely sarcastic.

I am the owner/moderator/author, Jessica lotuslion. Hopefully, I will be joined by other talented writers for some ragetastic fun.

[Format] Updates on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays (usually.) Wednesday brings "Jamie's Photo Snark of the Day," which will feature a politican looking ridiculous and generally bring some levity between updates -- done by the wonderful greyraziel. Fridays will be a free-for-all -- no rant, just a brief topic that will let you readers hash it out in the comment thread (also called "it's nearly the weekend and I don't want to think.")

[Rules, Information, and Disclaimers]

1. There will be foul language in this blog. I will try my best to keep it PG-13, but sometimes "golly gee darn" just doesn't convey the appropriate amount of anger. Also, it's the Internet -- if you haven't encountered a bad word by now, you must not be able to read.

2. Anonymous commenting is disabled, and will forever remain that way. If you're going to post your opinion on the Web, put your name behind it -- like me! C'mon kids, be a sport.

3. Debates/arguments STAY HERE. If I find that you've gone off to a person's private journal to harass them in the name of debate (including my own), I will ban you. People need a break from the politics and ranting, even me.

4. I'm pretty much a free-speech absolutist, so "offensive" comments generally won't be met with punishment. The exception to this is threats and verbal assaults, which I will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. I'm really hoping I never have to do that, but hey, it IS the Intarweb.

5. Here's the disclaimer: I am a registered Democrat, and I don't like the majority of actions from the Bush Administration. However, I am not a blind partisan, and, if warranted, I will praise the Bush Administration as well as criticize the Democratic Party (expect to see a lot more of the latter rather than the former.) I welcome intelligent debate -- in fact, I encourage it! -- but calling me a commie pinko liberal is probably only going to get an eye roll. Come at me with more than that.

6. If you think I'm likely to offend you, or if you don't like having your viewpoints challenged, please, feel free to continue reading, but don't expect sympathy if you complain to me.

7. Only authorized users may post. Anyone can join and comment.

8. Please, please, please proofread your comments. The occasional typo is fine, but comments that look like random banging on the keyboard are likely to be ignored -- unless you're banging on the keyboard in frustration, which I totally understand.

9. Comments without substance (eg, "U r liek so dubm!!") will not be deleted, but you will be mocked heartily.

10. Have fun and enjoy the rage!

If you have a rant of your own, or a topic you'd like to see ranted about, please leave a comment on this post. In the case of a rant you've composed yourself, I will read it first and may send it back to you for edits (grammar, source citing, etc.) If it's in line with this community, I will post it with credit to you as a guest blogger.

I reserve the right to amend, change, or delete rules as I see fit. Enjoy!

[Updated 3 August 2006]