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Friday Free-For-All

The method-behind-the-madness of the Friday Free-For-All is simple: I provide a quotation, statement, statistic, or piece of news, without any commentary of my own. The readers are free to merrily discuss, debate, deride, or mock in whatever way they see fit -- hopefully it will at least tangentially pertain to the posted item, but hey, it's a free-for-all -- who knows!

Before the Free-For-All, a few announcements.

1. A great big gooey thank you to midtermmockery, who really stepped up and filled in for me for the awesomely hilarious live commentary. Way to bring the funny - especially on such short notice! You win a cookie.

2. Happy Veterans' Day! And if any of you poor souls are at work in the District as I am, shout loudly - my office is so desolate I feel like I'm on a deserted island. I'd insert a 'Lost' joke here, but...I don't watch the show.

3. A belated Election Day Analysis and Commentary will be up HOPEFULLY this afternoon. If it's not, though, just consider it the first broken campaign promise of the season.

And now, to the Free-For-All!

Very simple:

Did you vote in the 2006 midterms and are you happy with the results?



Yes, indeed. Although when I was done voting, I got a twenty out of the voting machine, but it charged my bank $1.25.

Very happy! And I'm proud of ole' George Allen for having the class to concede. He saved Virginians a ton of wasted money!
But no receipt! I'd verify with your bank, if I were you. ;D

Me too! It was pretty graceful, actually. He gets points for that.
I hate to say it, but I didn't vote. Partly cause I was feeling sick, partly cause I was stuck at home waiting for a Verizon tech that never showed, and partly because I despise voting uninformed, and i knew next to nothing about any of the candidates, and would have had no confidence voting for or against any of them.

That and I figure as some kind of socialist/anarchist hybrid, the general populace would probably like me having as little involvement in politics as possible. ^_^


I won a cookie. Hooray!

And I voted before I sassed the theatrics of it all. There were 9 candidates on the ballot, and 8 of the ones I voted for won. I have yet to pitch a perfect game. This saddens me. But not too much because, well, look what happened. ;)


Your guest blog was AWESOME. You should write more about politics. I'm more likely to get involved in them if someone turns them into simple and amusing anecdotes involving color commentators biting each other in the face. No offense to teh Jessi, who is very articulate and insightful but sometimes writes stuff that is too complicated for my airy little brain to understand.


That's mighty kind of you! As for writing more, if something good comes up maybe something good will come up and I'll get called upon to be a Polibock pitbull...instead of sharp teeth and a rage problem, I'll have sass and comedy...and a rage problem.
...I didn't vote...
But before you throw tomatoes at me, hear me out: we don't know where our polling place is, and I know precisely zero about Washington politics. So I didn't want to vote uninformed and I didn't want to spend a lot of time driving all over Seattle asking, "Excuse me, I live in Skyway. Can I vote here?"
*nodsnods* Yeah. No voting for teh Sarah either. Again because I don't want to vote uninformed and because I had no idea where to vote. Someplace in Tukwila I think. The only things I can find in Tukwila are the mall and the stores near the mall.

But that doesn't matter since King County is going to all absentee by next year. *dancedance*